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The low cost and visual appeal make Slatbox™ storage boxes ideal for home garage organization.
Create an entire slatwall in your garage for ultimate storage versatility. Store whatever you like and
reorganize to your heart’s content!

   Storbox™ series and Shelfbox™ series combined with Slatbox™ modular slatgrid give eay access to those handy bits and pieces.    Popbox™ -Jumbo and Large combined on slatwall® make garage storage easy!
  Above- Storbox™ -Big with handy dividers makes it a cinch to store those items you need nearby.  Below- Shelfbox™ -100 and 200 series with optional dividers, perfect for small tools, pliers, electrical fittings, light bulbs.    
Combine handy box sizes and series to fit all your storage needs.

Home garage organisation – storage at its best

The home garage industry has gone through a major boom in the last five years, as tools and storage solutions become cheaper and the hobbyist really is just that – an enthusiastic end user that does what they do for fun.

The importance of an organised garage

Garages can be a dangerous place – if there's no organisation for tools, or other items stored in there, they can either become damaged, or damage the people going in there. This is a huge problem for most garage owners – it's difficult to take a hobby seriously when it causes injury or is constantly about digging around for the last place you left tools.

Also, crucially, people are using their garage more and more for storage of items they want to keep, but have no room for in the house – so it's equally important to have a sturdy, above ground level system to store your items and boxes. As this is so important, garage systems have been developed to work with the end user, to create the design that he wants.

The garage system for you

When considering what type of storage solution you need, first and foremost you need to consider what you store, and what you use in the garage. You've also got to look at how you store your belongings. The best thing to do from the outset is to empty and condense as many boxes as you can – if you do so, you will find it much easier to use your space more effectively. A great rule of thumb is if you've not used it for two years and don't intend to use it again in the next year, it has no sentimental or monetary value and it's something you can live without, then you should toss it. If it's worth something, and you don't want it, sell it.

Once you've condensed down all of your current clutter, look at where you're storing tools, if anywhere. A solid peg board, with tool outlines and hooks is frequently the best way to go – optimise your space by using small buckets or hoppers with nails and other items in them. Commit to always putting your tools away, instead of leaving them on a counter or bunker, and keep your workspace clear of debris and clutter so that you can see what you're working on and how it's coming along.

Shelving and other needs

Sometimes pegboard just isn't enough for storage – you may have lots of materials, smaller boxes, or vacuum packed bags – whatever the reason, it's important to look at shelving critically and decide which option and solution is best for you – whether it's a drawer system with see-through containers, or a shelving system designed around your needs, you should choose the one that solves the majority of your problems while offering support for expansion. This flexibility will allow you to examine what you really need from a storage system.

The right choice

Garage systems are understandably complex – with a myriad of choices, and a fall back of the trusty peg board, it's possible that you can create a storage system befitting of the enjoyment your tools give you – choose a system that's designed with you in mind, and remember that pegboard may be one of the least exciting choices you can make, but it's a standard addition to garages because it works well, no matter what the tool storage you need.

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