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Slatbox® store fixture storage bins are strong and versatile, fitting smoothly into all major slotted wall systems including Slatwall, Plankwall, StoreWALL, Megawall, Flow wall, Clipwall, Proslat, Unislat and more. Slatbox slatwall storage bins are the universal store fixture and shopfitting display solution. In addition to fitting all slotted wall systems, they easily attach  to gridmesh, pegboard and slatgrid with the use of our patented adaptor. Slatbox storage bins are available in a range of clear or bright colors.

Hospital, Medical and Pharmaceutical Storage: Slatbox storage bins are ideal for hospitals and pharmacies as this versatile storage container is able to be sterilised and kept clean with minimum effort as a result of the simple yet efficient design. Hospitals and pharmacies using the Slatbox storage system appreciate the storage bin's strength, design and universal wall fitting capabilities. Slatbox is ideal for hospitals and pharmacies as the plastic bin storage solution makes it easier to locate pharmaceutical goods and medical supplies.

Home Garage Storage: Slatbox’s home garage storage bins’ unique design and stylish colours, shapes and sizes make them the perfect garage storage choice for any home or garage storage.  The home garage always has potential to increase its storage capacity, the range of colours and sizes of Slatbox ensures both effective storage of home garage items including spare parts, as well as a contrast in aesthetic to any ordinary home and garage storage solution.

School, Childcare and Toy Storage: Slatbox toy storage solution is perfect for schools, childcare centres and children's bedrooms. Whether you are seeking a creative method of toy storage or a way to store art supplies and books, or even just looking to maximise space within the classroom. Slatbox’s easy to use and universal store fixture further cements this storage solution as one which can benefit any school or childcare centre.

Parts Storage Bins: Slatbox’s Shelf bins are a great storage solution for spare parts. Their long, thin shape with removable dividers makes them perfect for versatile storage of spare parts. You will never use cardboard parts boxes again! Slatbox storage bins fit on shelves and racking and like all Slatbox products are designed to fit Slatwall and Pegboard with the use of a simple adaptor. The durability and strength of the plastic storage bins make Slatbox the leader in spare parts and materials handling storage.

Store Fixtures and Shop Fittings: When choosing store fixtures, Slatbox provides a much more durable, long lasting store fixture than the average acrylic storage bin. Slatbox storage bins are more functional than the regular wire Slatwall baskets, and offer the chance to compliment your retail showroom with Slatbox’s wide range of colours and designs.

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